Monday, September 14, 2009


So as of last fri im finally in my dorm!!! i would post photos BUT i cant as this program im using to access fb and blogspot wont let me!!!:(
Alots been going on! i was lucky enough to meet one of the guys i met over facebook when i first arrived and then over 3 days we have now formed what i like to call a "gang" of 10ppl lol! I bought my self a brand new bicycle for 20 bucks BRAND NEW!! but chinese made so yeh not the best quality but its gets me around campus!!The weather is topping 27-29 deg everyday which is awsome finally my white legs get some sun!! ive already managed to get a tan:)

Im currently just checking out the campus on my bike and studying for the placement exam on thurs then we start class the following tues and have a week of class then a week holiday for the 60th anniversary of communisim mao, thinking about checking out tianamen sq for the celebrations which is gonna be huge apparently 52,000 ppl are in the festival alone!

Sat night we all went out to a bar opening with free beer and cocktails till 12am ended up being boring and the chinese have a thing for luke warm beer which they think is cold.. ewwww so we went to a big club in the city called vics which is undergound mainly an expat club and it was bloody awsome!! yeh we all got pretty drunk had the best hotdog at 3am!! Cant say i remember the ride home... which..yes i know i never thought id say but I CANT REMEMBER!! what i can remember is photographers taking a million photos of us on stage... oh and lets not forget these 2 asian guys trying to grind me...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww funny shit thou

Been feeling a bit home sick i keep having dreams about home and waking up and having to remind myself where i am which im hoping will pass cause im like getting no sleep:(

Well i best be off gotta figure out how to use the damn washing machiene!!

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Rose said...

Hello again Kimmy!
So glad to hear youve met a bunch of people already! Better still drinking buddies lol. Free cocktails sounds awesome :)

How big is the campus? must be huge if you need a bike!

Goodluck for your exam tomorrow!