Thursday, September 10, 2009

China blocks everything!!

So you would not believe i had to do to access my blog OMG!! ive just spent the last hour learning about proxy settings and VPNs!! and have finally been able to access my blog through a proxy what ever the hell that is!! Due to a recent riot, china has officially blocked facebook,twitter,you tube oh and blogs indefinately!! im completely cut about it being fb the main source of communtication these days especially being overseas!!

I dunno where to were all good got picked up by my uncles driver at the airport in which she cant speak ANY ENGLISH so that was interesting since i havent spoken for a while!! but we got there then i had to wait another hour for my dad to arrive from qingdao where he works! Im currently staying at my uncles in the city which is really nice thou i swear we have elephants living upstairs with the amount of stomping and noise that goes on especially at 3:30 am!!

I regestered at uni yest and checked into my dorm today which is so small its not funny and my bed consists of a 1 inch piece of board and a 2cm matress which i do not look forward to sleeping on!!

Dad is flying back to qingdao tomorrow which leaves me being a total loner at uni till the 17th (my exam)i havent really seen any foreigners in the way of westerners there are plenty of koreans and japenese around thou. There is a a huge flu pandemic going on here so everytime i enter a building i have to get my temperature checked!! and all the lifts get disinfected hourly....

Ive faced being killed in a taxi quite a few times and had my fare share of language barriers which i guess should only gets better when i start class and start learning some new words!! So OVER chinese food and its only been 3 days had to beg for maccas!!

Its been good spending some time with dad amazing never thought i would say that. Its been quite funny cause we went shopping at the Silk Market where u can barter for "fake" brands and everyone assumed dad could speak but he couldnt!! so i had to do most of the conversing!! oh and how everyone thought i was his wife/friend. I bought a new bag there and the lady was like "is this ur friend" and "im like no thats my dad" loved watching their reactions!!

Havent had the chance to take any photos yet but i will get there when i settle in as things are still pretty hectic!!!

Zai jian xoxo


Rose said...

Hey Kimbo! So good to hear you arrived safely!

That is so bizzar that the whole of China has blocked all of those sites...hopefully that doesnt include blogs, and doesnt last the whole time your there.

Sorry to hear about the dorm! Hopefully you will end up with a good 'dorm mate'. Maybe you could buy another matress thing to put on top...considering you will be sleeping on it for a year.

I suppose its the swine flu theyre worried about? Perhaps theyre being over cautious, considering it is probably just as bad here in Australia! Oh well at least theres less chance of you catching it with their obsessive cleaning lol.

That is halarious that they thought yr dad was your friend/husband lol. Why is that? is it strange for a daughter to go shopping with her father? Good to hear youve had a nice time with your dad neways.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your time at your uncles...despite the elephants! :)

Ohh guess what 27 degrees tomorrow here! can u believe it, i cant. But i guess its warm over there too!

Luv Rose

Sleepless_In_Sacremento said...

HARLOOOW! Have signed up for my own blog so that I can retract from using facebook! P.S just read ur blog and seriously, what on earth are those ppl doing at 3.30am?? Do i even want to know?

Here's my blog luvie:

I have written all of ONE entry wahahah!

mel smells