Friday, September 4, 2009

My first blog post!!

First of all i want to thank one of my best friends Bee (apparentlyjessy) for taking time and having the patience to get my blog up and running and teaching me how to use it!!! Thanks Bee!!

How exciting to do my first blog post i havent done this for ages!!! First of all i want to say thanks to everyone who has chosen to follow my blog and read about what im going to get up to within the next year at uni in Beijing,China!!!

I thought id start of with how bloody nervous i am! packing really seems to be a bit of an obstacle at the moment as im one of those ppl who doesnt like to pack till all my clothes are washed and in front of me so you could say im a last minute person...which sometimes doesnt sway in my favour! Im currently doing my last load of washing, then ill finally be able to collate everything together!

So dad rang me the other day and wanted me to take 2 bottles of wine in my suitcase which really takes off 4kg of what im going to have to take, oh and lets not forget a bag of CIBO coffee! I swear dads have no idea when it comes to a female packing for 1 year away i wanna take the kitchen sink!!
My next post prob wont be till im in uni and settled into my dorm and have all this internet stuff sorted which always proves to be interesting in another country!! So till then catchya!!:)


Smelly Melly said...

holy cow ur a blogger now, dude now u;re a fully fledged neo :p i'll start my account back up...if u find it about the place let me know! cos i have no idea what the address for mine was!! xoxo

Hillness said...

Nice blog :o) Love the blossoms.
I can't be an official follower, but I wanted to let you know that I am following!

Rose said...

Hey Kimmy

Yay for your first post!

I bet ur nervous, but im sure u will have an awesome time and it will be all good once u meet a couple of other students. Hopefully China doesnt win you over and u come back next year.
Goodluck with your packing...still cant believe your dad wants the 4kg of wine in your suitcase lol

Looking heaps forward to reading about your trip...and the pictures!

Love and goodluck


apparentlyjessy said...

You are very welcome Kimmy. Hope your flight was quick and safe, I am sure you will find this when you are on the net at Singapore, take some pic's of the koi fishies for us! xox

Hollyrocks said...

I follow Bee's blog, and she mentioned your adventures so I thought I'd come and follow you along the way. I think this year of study will be SO much fun, and I can't wait to see how it develops. Good luck with the traveling. Let us know when you get all settled!