Monday, September 21, 2009

1st week of the uni life!!

Hi all hope everyone is well considering the shit weather that Adelaide is having at the moment!!

All is well with me. I did my placement exam last week on Fri... I think.... and i spent like 3 hours studying the day prior and let me say that that did not help at all!! We had been told by a friend that the exam had questions in it and that it would get harder but no that was not the case. It consisted of a million Chinese characters that i didn't know i think i knew like 6 all up and u either had to write the pinyin next to them or add a Chinese character that corresponded with the character given to make a word or sentence, then there was a listening part in which was a multiple choice question. The speaking was so fast that by the time i read the answers the question was over and that completely did my head in!! So i am in beginner class 1 which i didn't want to be in as that's like beginner beginner level like ill be learning "ni hao" all over again and phonetics n stuff. I got my text books today and had a flip through and I reckon ill sit one class and see how i go then if its not suitable ill move up a level to beginner level 2 which I wanted but the books looked a little harder as my reading is not that good but i should apparently know 800 characters....

So I had some news to share a couple of posts ago but ill mention it now. I have a friend Klara and she didn't know how to ride a bicycle and i know she's gonna hate me for mentioning her age but she's 27!!! so she bought a bike and me and my friend Cyril taught her how to ride in 2 hours!! I'm feeling quite proud!! It was difficult cause as kids we don't ask questions we just get on the bike and ride it but as adults there are so many bloody technical questions which i had to answer!!! so now she's going well but still wobbling all over the road!! but I'm sure she will be a pro soon!! we had a little accident the other day where her nose was itchy and she's like Kim I need to itch my nose and I'm like no don't even think about it cause she hasn't fully sussed out the balance bit yet and what does she do itches her nose!! and then she fell off and grazed her leg it was pretty funny.

Anyway campus life is pretty fun most of it is spent drinking in the lobby cause beers are 3 kuai (50cents) from the vending machine!! Now that class is starting I'm thinking we will all take a bit of a break for a week when we have a week off for national holiday. Planning to go to inner mongolia and live in a 'yurt' for a few days not quite sure yet but it sounds like fun!!

Oh yeah that's right we had a campus tour the other day its been delayed cause there is a bit of a flu pandemic going on in the uni!! we all got split into 4 groups and everyone else's tour finished early and mine went for 4 hours and I was stuffed afterwards cause we walked the whole thing. And my group asked way to many questions and they were just weird... lol I met another Adelaidian which was weird i cant tell you how long it feels since I last talked to someone with the same accent as me i completely freaked out and couldn't hack it lol, I mean I have met quite a few Australians from Sydney but their accent is just not the same... and amazingly there is no 3rd degree of separation!!

Oh and I know now my address if ppl wanna send me anything just fb or email me and I'll let you know!!

Here are some photos out of the window of my dorm:

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Sleepless_In_Sacremento said...

HAHAHAHAHA ur friend klara is so cute!! I totally know the feeling of teaching someone to ride a bike, my cousin in singapore learnt how to ride a bike when he was like 13 and that was hard enough trying to teach him! That, along with rollerblading!!

much love and nose itching! xoxo