Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back in Oz

I hope everyone is well!!! good news im back home!! only for semester break thou which consits of 4weeks app our uni which is the best uni in china has the shortest breaks compared to all the other unis GAY!!! Considering myself lucky to come home cause i actually wasnt going to due to friggen expensive flights my cheapest flight was with Qantas but that included getting on 3 different planes and totalling 15hrs worth of flying BORING!!

So let me give u a brief overview of the final weeks of the semester!

Well from what i can remember there was a rush for our teachers to get to the chapters we had to finish on for the exams...ALOT of revision which can i say was mega boring esp for our grammer class which we have the worst teacher!! so i kinda didnt do too well on that exam! i did really well on my speaking class aka Kouyu 90% and Listening aka Ting Li 83% which im rather happy with im more focused on my speaking than anything else!

Our lastnight together ended up with the traditional KTV (Kareoke)
. Most of my friends were only at Tsinghua for a semester and about 10 of us are continuing through to next semester so it was really sad to see everyone go! I know there is now going to be alot of travelling in the future!! The uni got really quiet really quickly it got eerie the halls were dark and u could hear no one!! Me and my room mate only found out 1 day before she was going back home that we had to move dorms as they are renoing our building floors 1-6 (how ironic) as we lived on the 6th floor! so have now moved to the 7th floor! and u would not believe the amount of shit i have collated!! esp my room mate!! not looking forward to end of next semester!!

The last few days did pretty much nothing everyone had gone back home or gone travelling so had a few loner days!

The flight back home was so bad! it first started when i checked in and they thought my electronic chinese dictionary was a bomb and had to search my suitcase and then while i was looking for it the guy decided it would be a good idea to sift through my dvds....the first flight to shanghai i had a guy sit next to me who i swear had worms up his ass cause he would not stop moving and snoring!! but the plane was really nice, then had to transit in shanghai for 4 hours and then had the 11hr flight to sydney we first got delayed 45 mins in the plane (app too much air traffic) i by chance got seated next to the fattest chinese man ive def seen he took up half my chair!! im not one to complain so i put up with it but app according to my grandmother i should of complained... oh well next time it happens ill be opening my mouth! transited in syd for another 4 hours our baggage for some reason took 45 mins -1 hr to come out god knows why!! in which most of us going to a domestic flight had to run to quarantine and then to the domestic flight!
Finally the last leg home...as much as i dislike cricket i have to say we have a good set of guys playing for the redbacks as the whole team was on my flight nothing like a welcome home with a bit of eye candy lol!!

So great to be home in the warm weather Beijing is sooo depressing i hate cold weather and snow!! Finally worked up a bit of a tan now the welsh in me was starting to show esp my freckles!! luckily i have a great boss who has let me back to work while im here. First shift was weird i was still in shock to be home and there i am trying to figure out how to use the coffee machinene and texture milk trying to pull a rosetta that day was def not happening!! also the touch tills and i wernt friends!! It was great to see the regulars and even those who hadnt noticed id even left LOL!!

Had my birthday party on sun which turned out to be a nice day!! was great to see everyone!! my actual birthday fell on mon and i asked to work as id prob end up spending it alone. Nothing like getting given shit all day by the guys i work with and id only worked with one of then ONCE!!!! i was touched thou when one of my regulars bought me a cupcake sooo sweet!!:)

The next few weeks is def gonna be full on have to revise for my entrance exam, catch up with everyone and work! FUN!!!

Hopefully post again b4 i get trapped behing the Great Firewall again!!


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